Sheridan Smith           
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Height:5 ft., 4 in.   Hair: Brown     Eyes: Hazel    Voice: Mezzo/Belt        Sheridan Smith
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Vikings!a Musical in Two Axe Sigrun / Freida Noble Fool Theatre / Linda Gillum
Tintypes Emma Goldman Light Opera Works / Lara Teeter
The Gondoliers Ensemble Light Opera Works / Lara Teeter
Jesus Christ Superstar Soul Sister Drury Lane-Oakbook / Ray Frewen
Floating Rhoda and the Glueman Terrace Vitalist Theatre Co. / Liz Carlton-Metz
Playhouse Creatures Nell Gwyn Wax Fruit Theatre Co. / Sean Byrd
Hans Brinker Katy Dobbs New Tuners / Warner Crocker
Life and Limb Doina Old Nahamkin Theatre Company
The Wicked and the Sexed Mom / Sam WNEP Theatre Foundation / Karin Mckie
Quilt: A Musical Celebration Todd’s Sister Dolphinback Theatre Company
Marvin’s Room Bessie Western Illinois University
Adventures of Tom Sawyer Huck / Becky Classic Works Theatre Co.
Treasure Island Jim / Captain Classic Works Theatre Co.
A Christmas Carol Martha Cratchit Nebraska Theatre Caravan
Into The Woods ~ National Stepsister Nebraska Theatre Caravan
Yours Anne  ~   U.S. and Canada Anne Frank Nebraska Theatre Caravan
Live Industrial / Corporate Entertainment
Powersuasion™ Live industrials for: Tap Pharmacauticals, Takeda, Jack Morton Productions, Abbott Laboratories
Wavelength™ Educating educators with improv and sketch comedy
Audition Studio Master Class: Nick Bowling, Henry Godinez, Abigail Deser, Gary Griffin, Kim Rubenstein, Steve Scott, Mike Nussbaum, Shade Murray
Audition Studio Camera II: Rachael Patterson
Vocal Coach: Dan Stetzel
Monologue Coach: Belinda Bremner
Bachelor of Arts / Theatre Western Illinois University  cum laude
Acting and Camera: Dr. Charles Bell, Gene Kozlowski, Jane Brody Workshop
Dance Ballet/Modern/Jazz: Candace Winters-March, Heidi Clemmens
Dialects: Dr. Mildred Canny
Movement and Stage Combat: (rapier & dagger, broadsword, unarmed) Paul Dennhardt
SAFD Actor - Combatant '94 Chris Villa, fight master
Special Tid-Bits
Dialects: Southern, Cockney, Eastern European, British
Improv AIDS Ride State-certified habilitator '95 rollerblading basic tumbling
driving (automatic) teaching produced radio program: Arts Alive on 94.3 WJKL
 2006 Sheridan Smith   All International Rights Reserved

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